Ron Meyer, American Majority Action
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October 11, 2012 ”” With election day only 26 days away, national conservative organization American Majority Action (AMA) is hosting a Get-Out-the-Vote weekend on October 13 and 14, 2012 to target critical counties across five swing states: Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Keep America Free Weekend is set to reach 100,000 doors and up to 250,000 voters in these election-deciding states with personal voter contacts.   AMA has teamed up with Heritage Action and other national and local conservative groups to leverage the best technology, messaging, and targeting to ensure that all participants will have a real impact on turnout in their communities.  At its nearly two dozen Liberty Headquarters in these five swing states, AMA will empower volunteers with Gravity, the nation’s latest and most effective Get-Out-the-Vote technology””which includes heavy use of smart phones and tablets.  The technology will enable participants to conduct outreach in communities across their states not only from the Liberty Headquarters but also remotely, dramatically increasing the reach and effectiveness of the program.

“Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Virginia have all shown tightening polls, and 250,000 voters in those states could decide this election on a national level,” said Ned Ryun, CEO and President of American Majority Action.

“Our nation is under attack by a philosophy that is threatening our freedom with oppressive taxation, massive debt, and reckless spending. To keep America free, we need to fire Barack Obama. Ideas, information, and technology are worthless without good conservative Americans giving even a few hours of their time to knock on doors or make calls to fire Obama. We need to get out into our communities and convince our neighbors to turn out for conservative candidates. That’s the only way we win.”

AMA’s Liberty Headquarters serve as central nerve centers for conservative volunteers throughout the five swing states, conducting voter targeting, outreach, advocacy and Get-Out-the-Vote activities from now until November 6th. Staff and volunteers educate voters on critical issues including Obamacare, our massive budget deficit, and the mounting threat our federal government poses to our constitutional freedoms.

Through the AMA Liberty Headquarters, local tea party organizations and other volunteers receive the resources and guidance necessary to effectively boost turnout among fiscal conservatives.

“More than 1,000 volunteers from among American Majority alumni, local tea party groups and concerned citizens are ready to help fire President Obama,” Ryun states. “There’s less than a month left to go. We want each concerned citizen to commit to touching 100 doors or making 100 phone calls before Election Day. Trust me: no one wants to wake up on the morning of November 7th thinking we didn’t do everything in our power to keep America free.”