It looks as if the President–with his 23 executive orders and campaign spree to ban “assault” rifles–is acting against the general consensus–including his biggest fans.

A recent poll by American University showed that 60 percent of young Americans are considering owning a gun in the future. Approximately 40 percent were committed to purchasing a gun for home defense, and 20 percent were contemplating the matter.

The following were also reported in the AU poll:

  • Girls and young women (40 percent) are more likely than their male counterparts (32 percent) to fear gun violence.
  • Half of black respondents fear gun violence, compared to only 31 percent of white respondents
  • 36 percent reported being “very worried” about gun violence.
  • 30 percent reported growing up with a gun in the household.

Of course, faculty members wasted no time in pushing their leftist agenda on the findings. “I think the major contribution of the poll results is to demonstrate that now is certainly the time to have a serious conversation about gun control since the next generation is no less likely to plan to own guns,” said AU professor Jennifer L. Lawless, who conducted the study.

Before we jump the gun on our second amendment liberties, why don’t we have a discussion on the many, under-reported instances where the Second Amendment has saved lives? If colleges, politicians, and the national media are to have a discussion on the Second Amendment it needs to be fair and balanced–not pushing one party’s political agenda.

Here are a couple of recent instances where people have used the second amendment to save their lives:

In October, 2012 a 12-year-old girl was home alone in Bryan, Oklahoma, when she shot a home intruder through the closet door she was hiding behind. The intruder fled the home and was taken into custody.

Earlier this month, a Georgia mother, who was hiding in a crawl space with her two children, shot a home intruder 5 times as he attempted to enter the crawl space. The intruder fled and survived, though the mother had used every round in the gun.

So while the left and their buddies in the media are blowing hot air on the gun control matter, many people are busy using guns to save their lives. Frankly, the poll is telling: American’s–including young Americans–acknowledge the existence of violence in our society and don’t want to be caught empty-handed in a violent situation.

Young Americans may have supported the President in 2008 and 2012, but they also want the right to self-protection. President Obama never ran on gun control, and young Americans want a future where they can effectively protect their homes and families. It’s their constitutional right to do so.

Celia Bigelow, age 22, is the Campus Director for American Majority Action