Who We Are


Ned Ryun

President and CEO
As the founder, president, and CEO of American Majority Action, as well as its sister organization, American Majority, Ned has been featured on Fox NewsCNNPolitico and The Washington Post, among other notable media outlets. He is an occasional front-page contributor to RedState.com, and a Senior Editor of the American Spectator. [Full Bio]


Martin Gillespie

Executive Director
Martin Gillespie is the Executive Director of American Majority Action. Previously, he served as the Northeastern Regional Director for American Majority and American Majority Action from (2010- 2012). He also worked at the Republican National Committee in the 2000, 2004 and 2006 cycles, serving as the Deputy Director for Grassroots Development and Coalitions (2003-2006). [Full Bio]

Aubrey Blankenship

Director of Communications
Aubrey graduated with highest honors in 2009 with her bachelor’s degree in Journalism followed by her master’s in Media Communications in 2011. She published a master’s thesis analyzing how the news media frames political news. Aubrey has worked as editor-in-chief for an online magazine that examines politics and culture for young professionals and content writer and editor for a legal defense firm.  [Full Bio]


Lonny Leitner

State Director for Florida
Lonny started working for American Majority at its launch in 2008. Lonny has worked on several campaigns in Minnesota. He led the charge in 2004 as a Regional Field Director for Bush-Cheney and was Political Director for Congressman Mark Kennedy’s U.S. Senate bid in 2006. Lonny has also worked on Federal campaigns in Wisconsin, Texas and Washington State and most recently as campaign manager for Adam Hasner’s U.S. Senate race in Florida. [Full Bio]


Chris Littleton

State Director for Ohio
Chris Littleton is the former President of the Cincinnati Tea Party, and Co-founder and former President of the Ohio Liberty Council, a coalition of over 75 liberty minded groups across Ohio. His work or opinions have been featured in the Washington Times, Rolling Stone, The Hill, Fox News, USA Today, American Spectator, Reason TV and a variety of other local and regional media outlets. [Full Bio]


Matt Robbins

State Director for Virginia
Matt Robbins is the National Executive Director for American Majority. Previously, Matt was the political director for the California Republican Party. He has also served as a Coalitions director on McCain-Palin 2008 and as the Director of Training at the Leadership Institute.  Additionally, Matt has worked as a “friendly-fire” analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon, as campaign staff on Bush-Cheney 2004, and in both state-level races and state government.[Full Bio]


Matt Batzel

State Director for Wisconsin
Matt opened American Majority, Inc.’s Wisconsin office in October 2010. Under his leadership, American Majority Wisconsin has trained over 1,200 candidates, campaign managers and activists at more than 35 trainings across the state. During the height of the 2011 union protests in Madison, Matt organized American Majority’s “I Stand with Walker” rally that gathered more than 10,000 patriots to show the nation their support for the Budget Repair Bill. [Full Bio]