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10/23/12 — Roll Call — Rules of the Game: Conservative Nonprofits Test Labor Unions 

10/22/12 — Daily Caller — Five numbers: How Romney can control the post-debate message

10/22/12 — Fox Nation — VIDEO: Obama Supporter Vandalizes Conservative Group’s Pennsylvania Office 

10/22/12 — Fox Nation — University of Michigan Sponsors ‘The Republican War on Women’ Event

10/22/2012 — Wis Politics — American Majority Action: Wisconsin: Presidential polls tighten to 1%, AMA ramps up voter-targeting

10/20/2012 — Townhall — 12-Year-Old Defends Herself with Gun, Proves Need of 2nd Amendment

10/19/12 — The Blaze — Student Loan Question: Obama, Romney Forgot ECON 101 

10/19/12 — Townhall — Young Americans are Miserable, Romney Needs to Step Up 

10/19/12 — Daily Caller — Conservative organization puts out anti-Obama video to Jay-Z’s ”˜Forever Young’

10/18/12 — Life News — Pro-Life Groups Open Election HQ in Ohio to Defeat Obama 

10/17/12 — News-Observer — Flagging support for Obama puts more of youth vote in play

10/15/12 — Roll Call — Groups Work to Turn Out Youth Vote 

10/15/12 — UPI — Groups Work to Turn Out Youth Vote 

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09/05/12 – Ryun: Obama’s Hypocrisy Leaves America Under Water: Read here

09/04/12 – Liberty Headquarters Open in Pennsylvania: Read here

09/04/12 – Ryun: American Families Down 4000 with an Inning Left to Play: Read here

09/04/12 – New Study Shows Obama Scrambling for Youth Vote: Read here

08/30/12 – Ryun: Labor Day Gas Prices Give Americans Another Broken Obama Promise: Read here

08/21/12 – Ryun: Virginia’s New Voter ID Laws Encourage Democracy: Read here

07/31/12 – Ryun: Obama’s Wind Farm Credits Just a Windfall for Supporters: Read here

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