How To Win in Virginia in 2013

As the eyes of the nation turn to key state races in 2013 – New Jersey and Virginia – the issues of fiscal responsibility and economic growth will be a yardstick for how voters measure candidates. This year, Virginia will play a critical role in the ongoing national discussion of how we reverse the massive growth of the federal government and begin to solve the problem of out-of-control government spending.

One thing is certain: we need strong, principled, innovative new leaders not only in Washington, but also in our state capitals””leaders who will attack fiscal problems head-on by reforming faulty tax codes and broken spending mechanisms, not just nibble around the edges. We need leaders who will take the fight directly to the political establishment and disrupt the ruling class which has failed our country so badly.

In 2012, American Majority Action and Ending Spending – non-partisan advocacy groups dedicated to reducing excessive government spending and waste, and restoring responsible spending practices in government – went to great lengths to support Governor Scott Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch in Wisconsin. As we said during the Wisconsin recall elections, “courage” was on the ballot.

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* Written with Brian Baker, President of Ending Spending